Jókai ship - Ship station, Balatonfüred

Do I need to register or purchase tickets in advance?
Who can participate?
What attire is required?
What is the exact program?
What is the history of heart fishing?


How can I buy a ticket?

Tickets can only be reserved at annabal.hu and then paid by bank transfer. After receipt of the transfer, the ticket reservation is considered certain.

Will I receive a confirmation of the purchase of the tickets?
What does the ticket include?
What is the difference between ticket types?
When, where and how can I collect my ticket?
Can a child attend the Anna ball?
What is the dress code? (male, female, debutante?)
Do I have to register to participate in voting for the beauty of Anna-Ball?
What if I don't want to take part in the Anna Ball beauty contest?
What is the procedure of selecting the beauty of the Anna ball?
How many persons are the tables for? Is it possible that you are seated with strangers?
Can I choose which table I want to sit at?
Does the ballroom have air-conditioning?
When and where is the meeting point for the ball?
After arriving at the venue, what is the ball scenario?
Who can participate in the opening dance, and is there a dance rehearsal?
How long is the ball?
Is the midnight dinner a la carte or a buffet?